Cyber Threat intelligence – Current trends, market prediction- A significantly undermined factor

Amongst all the cyberattacks and ransomware attacks, industries that have been employing digital technologies have been rattled with the recent supply chain outbreak. The mechanization and more prominent connectedness that have managed to upset the world’s financial and social foundations — however they’ve likewise gotten hazard the type of cyberattacks. Threat Intelligence is information that permits you to forestall or moderate those attacks. Established in information, danger insight gives setting — like who is attacking you, what their inspiration and capacities are, and what markers of give and take in your frameworks to search for — that assists you with settling on educated choices about your security.

Mordor Intelligence has reported that The threat intelligence market was valued at USD 5.28 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 13.9 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 12.9%, during the forecast period (2021 – 2026). In the past few years, there has been a paradigm shift between attack source, targets, destination attack profiles, and different types of technologies. 

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While the attack types and targets can be revealing, attack sources continue to be problematic because of the difficulties in assigning attribution for a specific attack.

  • Threat intelligence market is primarily driven by increasing uniqueness in the attacking techniques leaving the data vulnerable. Also, the rise in volumes of data generated by different enterprises is the key factor driving the market.
  • According to IBM Cost of Data Breach Study, 2018 report, 48 percent of all breaches were caused by malicious or criminal attacks. Human Error accounted for 27%, and system glitch recorded 25% of the root cause of data breach.

The report just goes to prove that the amount of cyber attacks and crimes will increase exponentially with growing sophistication of tools at the bad actor’s disposal. The report has highlighted some key market trends of which it is predicted that the retail segment is expected to occupy a significant share. Retail is witnessing huge data generation through various channel modes, such as social sites, blogs, and data generated from different apps. Much of the unstructured data produced is left unused, which provides valuable information. [Reference]

There have been various reports about malware droppers and trickbots which have been automated to execute the most sophisticated attack with a simple mouse click. Organizations are being hammered by malware droppers offering threat actors with a multitude of options for multi-stage attacks. This leaves the firms at higher risks of malware threats, data theft, and compromised systems, among others. Moreover, with the increased ransomware and ongoing malicious emails threats, it is expected that the growing presence of loaders is likely to witness a rise. [Reference]

There’s a need for a solution that offers real-time context on the actual threat landscape and threat intelligence is the way to go. It can give straightforwardness into the threat conditions of the outsiders you work with, giving constant cautions on dangers and changes to their dangers and giving you the setting you need to assess your connections.

Article by Kaushik Sundararajan

I am a security professional specializing in network security. With vivid experience in different industries, I am looking to explore the current cyberspace and discuss the ideology of certain ideas from a different perspective.

Published by The Art of Cyber-Space

I am a security professional specializing in network security. With vivid experience in different industries, I am looking to explore the current cyberspace and discuss the ideology of neuroscience and neurotechnology research from a security perspective. I love exploring various blog posts and share knowledge about the current threat landscape to instill more cybersecurity awareness.

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