Ransomware – Ransom – No More Ransom – A big milestone achieved!!!

In today’s digital world, with cyber-attacks occurring at every nook and corner of the world, it has become evident that white hats need to up their game and become more efficient. On that note, No More Ransom is an initiative which has helped a lot of law enforcement agencies in collaboration with Kaspersky and McAfee as well. This year marks the fifth anniversary and they have recorded 1 billion euros saved in terms of avoiding ransom payouts. Its initiatives like these that need to exponentially grow globally. This article covers some highlights of the state of ransomware and the decryptor tool offered by No More Ransom. [Reference]

A brief about No More Ransom or NMR is that it was bought in place by Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre, the National High-Tech Crime Unit of the Netherlands’ police and McAfee to help victims of ransomware retrieve their encrypted data without having to pay to the criminals. As per Europol it quotes that NMR showcases the value of public-private cooperation in disrupting criminal businesses with ransomware connections. Victims should no longer be forced to either pay a ransom or lose their files. By restoring access to their infected systems free of charge, we provide users with a third choice they did not have before. The free sources has assisted more than 6 million individuals and is still expanding in terms of partners spread across various sectors. Some of these range from private companies to academia. [Reference]

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Since it is a lot simpler to keep away from the threat than to defend against it once the framework is influenced, the undertaking likewise intends to create awareness amongst clients about how ransomware functions and what countermeasures can be taken to adequately delay the infection. The more gatherings supporting this undertaking the better the outcomes can be. Bleeping computer has explained the steps to how it works. The summary of the steps are as follows:

  • To get a decryptor, you have to upload two encrypted files and the ransomware note via No More Ransom’s Crypto Sheriff
  • Matches will be run to determine decryptor tool
  • If a match comes up, you will get a link to a suitable ransomware decryptor that comes with detailed instructions on how to unlock files.
  • If no decryptor is available, you’ll be advised to check again for a match in the future since new unlock tools are added to the database regularly. [Reference]

With constant evolution and rapidly changing threat landscape, this tool has come very handy and has enabled to save a great deal of money. Additionally, “The decryptors available in the No More Ransom repository have helped more than six million people to recover their files for free,” the Europol said.

This prevented criminals from earning almost a billion euros through ransomware attacks. Currently offering 121 free tools able to decrypt 151 ransomware families, it unites 170 partners from the public and private sector. In my opinion, I think a lot of improvements in the security posture of organizations can be brought about by constantly making use of such tools and incorporate secure code design and best practices for a robust security. Such landmarks achieved is definitely motivating and ensures faith with the good actors in cyberspace.

Article by Kaushik Sundararajan

I am a security professional specializing in network security. With vivid experience in different industries, I am looking to explore the current cyberspace and discuss the ideology of certain ideas from a different perspective.

Published by The Art of Cyber-Space

I am a security professional specializing in network security. With vivid experience in different industries, I am looking to explore the current cyberspace and discuss the ideology of neuroscience and neurotechnology research from a security perspective. I love exploring various blog posts and share knowledge about the current threat landscape to instill more cybersecurity awareness.

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