Bodyjacking: Security issues with Implantable Medical Devices (IMDs)

This article is based on investigative report that examines possible security exploitations and an effective protection scheme for insulin pumps. The study explores security vulnerabilities with insulin pumps information control and also determines the components in the insulin  pump systems that are exposed to security attacks.  There was a time that only machines could have devices implantedContinue reading “Bodyjacking: Security issues with Implantable Medical Devices (IMDs)”

Cybersecurity and automation in 2021 – A strong and profound bond

Automation has certainly proved its potential in the recent years and has stood to be a replacement for humans. Though the inception was very dicey as the implementation was pain staking but today with modern technologies and platforms available, the prospects of automation is heading towards progression making our lives easier. Although automation has beenContinue reading “Cybersecurity and automation in 2021 – A strong and profound bond”

Artificial Intelligence meets cybersecurity : A friendly conversation

Experts accept that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have both drawbacks and constructive outcomes on network security. Artificial intelligence algorithms use live data and training data to figure out how to respond to various environments. They learn by repeating and adding additional data as they come. The post highlights some of the interestingContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence meets cybersecurity : A friendly conversation”

Building intricate technologies – The brain and neurosecurity

Neurotechnology has undoubtedly gained attention in the recent times with the pace of digital evolution. One of the recent break through has been the delivery of therapeutic drugs to the human brain to prevent/manage neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The biggest challenge would be the drug to go through the human firewall aka BBBContinue reading “Building intricate technologies – The brain and neurosecurity”

The impact Of Augmented Reality on human perception of reality: A risk assessment

In the digital world, Augmented Reality (AR) has gained a lot of attention. Many business sectors have employed the use of AR technology including Healthcare and the Engineering industry (Dunn, Yeo, Moghaddampour, Chau, & Humbert, 2017). Technologies distort and change the world in which people live and work to the point liability many be foundContinue reading “The impact Of Augmented Reality on human perception of reality: A risk assessment”

Fringe Science – An interesting exploration towards research

Fringe science has its basis in established science, but explores and studies areas at the very boundaries, and is often poorly funded and under-resourced. Whilst fringe science usually leads upon a road to nowhere, occasionally a branch blossoms into a fully established field, and may even bring about a paradigm shift. Fringe scientists are usually starvedContinue reading “Fringe Science – An interesting exploration towards research”

Cybersecurity trends: What’s in store for 2021

There’s no doubt that with the growing rate of digital information, the need to protect and safeguard data has become more significant than ever. Furthermore, the challenges have equally evolved with time and advanced technology. Not only has cybersecurity acted as a sheath of protection for most organisations dealing with digital information but also hasContinue reading “Cybersecurity trends: What’s in store for 2021”

Neuroethics – A scientific perspective with uncertainties

Stanford defines neuroethics is an interdisciplinary research area that focuses on ethical issues raised by our increased and constantly improving understanding of the brain and our ability to monitor and influence it, as well as on ethical issues that emerge from our concomitant deepening understanding of the biological bases of agency and ethical decision-making.  NeuroethicsContinue reading “Neuroethics – A scientific perspective with uncertainties”

Solarwinds cyberattack, the sunburst malware – A fallout that might last for years

Cyber attacks have been on a constant rise since the last few years and with time and advanced technology available at an attacker’s disposal, these attacks have become more sophisticated. With yearly reviews under way, the SolarWinds hack highlights a few significant corporate administration vulnerabilities—the pressing requirement for better IT controls and restricted board auditContinue reading “Solarwinds cyberattack, the sunburst malware – A fallout that might last for years”

Neuroplasticity – A cognitive and a psychological overview

Researchers have referred to Michael Merzenich as the “father of plasticity” because he enjoyed a long career that established that the human brain is highly plastic and that led Merzenich to develop science-based novel interventions to drive improvements. Because of her decades of research preceding that of Merzenich, let us consider Marian Diamond to beContinue reading “Neuroplasticity – A cognitive and a psychological overview”