Forensics certification

The EnCase™ Certified Examiner (EnCE) program certifies both public and private sector professionals in the use of Opentext™ EnCase™ Forensic . EnCE certification acknowledges that professionals have mastered computer investigation methodology as well as the use of EnCase software during complex computer examinations. Read more

Cyber security professionals who want to advance their careers are making it a top priority to get certified with cutting-edge techniques in real-world, digital forensic applications. The Certified Forensic Security Responder (CFSR) will equip you with the breadth and depth of knowledge that you need to become a highly sought-after cyber security forensics expert. Read more

The EnCase™ Certified eDiscovery Practitioner (EnCEP) program certifies private and public sector professionals in the use of OpenText™ EnCase™ eDiscovery software as well as their proficiency in electronic discovery planning, project management, and best practices, spanning legal hold to load file creation. Read more

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