90s Music

Like when you’re born in the 90s, parents would be like, is this even music??? There was a time, when music used to feel like flowing water and calm that you would want to keep enjoying it. I guess I feel the exact same way with 90s music in comparison to the 2K kids. I was fortunate to be surrounded by people inclined to music and and paving a way to the global music world. Some of the music artists I’ve loved and listened to and still keep listening to these artists as they’ve become a part of musical identity

This section covers different artists, Indian artists, 90s pop music and hip hop music. The section majorly covers three categories namely 90s Indian collection, 90s pop and rock and 90s hip hop. These are personal favorite collection. Though it was the various friends and the discussions with them that lead to the discovery of these artists, I truly consider to have existed in the best music era as I witnessed the evolution of music through vinyl records, cassettes, cds, portable Walkman, Discman and then iPod aka mp3 players.

Understanding the limitations of songs to a maximum of 10 songs on a cassette to 100 songs on a disc to an expanding venture to hold more than 1000 songs on an iPod was just amazing. Though my initial exposure was to south indian collections like A R Rahman, Ilayaraja, Harris and all, despite being bought up in Bombay, I was always a big fan of Kollywood music as they started calling it. I remember I was 12 when I heard my first english song, just could remember a few words which was “Everybody, rock your body right!!! Backstreet’s back alright”…..So check out some of my favourite collections here and the collection will keep expanding with time

The best era to exist…musically

90s Indian collection

Hailing from a culturally diverse country, and musically inclined environment, as an Indian kid, I was exposed to the era of FMs, walkmans, discmans and portable players. As far as I can think, the music created during this era can be considered my personal playlists which will last forever. Read more

90s Pop & Rock

My first ever english song I heard was a song from Backstreet boys. With not having a great deal of exposure to english songs, I really had to look out for people who had the taste of such music and could help me explore a musical journey. Read more

90s Hip Hop

Hip Hop music was one of the best influences in my musical journey. With some genres like R&B and Rap music, the culture of expressing personal anecdotes and spitting with music was simply a thrill to explore. Read more

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