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Being born in a family that enjoys music, I was forced into music, specifically Carnatic music. Though my interest towards percussions were more than music. I was exposed to learning the Mridangam at a younger age and the bridge to learning music was simply to understand the nuisances involved so that as an artist one could accompany the singing style.

With time, the interest grew more towards western music, orchestral symphonies and hip hop music. I started dabbling with music recording with this app called Beatmaker. I used the app on an ipod touch and started to getting the sense of music took form with different instruments and so the journey towards music composing and arrangement began. Though the interest keeps growing every day, I am eagerly waiting for the day for my music to impress me.

My music evolution

My earliest recollection of music were these cassettes though later I went on to discover that my father had a record player too but I think he got rid off it before I could get to use it. Though my father had his own cassette collection which was huge and was ranging from 100-200 cassettes, I wanted to get my own collection

Cassettes used to priced around thirty to sixty rupees but one could get a cheaper deal if you had it recorded through one of the recording shops for a cheaper price. The biggest benefit would be that one could choose the songs and get them to record it. I still remember that the duration would be 45 minutes and 60 minutes standard which went on to become 90 minutes and then almost redundant with the evolution of compact discs or CDs.

Something shinny and shimmery when sunlight would hit the surface, the circle of happiness in a fashion. Moserbear was the first thing that came to mind when I started writing about CDs. I think off the shelf, blank CDs were more affordable and if you had a computer and CD writing software, as they would refer to as ‘Nero’ suite, one could start creating their own collection with more ease.

The memory is still fresh in my head about my first ever CD that I got one of my school friend to record. It was a CD containing all the albums from Linkin Park (LP), namely Hybrid theory, Meteora and Reanimation. I’d keep listening to it over and over again till the surface of the disc got scratched. I remember having a collection of close to 300 discs which have become historical today all with a single device initially termed a mp3 player later coined as an iPod.

My first collection of a pocket music player was a sony mp3 player which had an in-built capacity of 4GB enabling to store a lot of close, bare minimum of 1000 songs. Coming from a generation of winamp music player on the desktop, it was exciting to interact with an electronic device which had a wheel to navigate giving the fluidity to toggle between music albums, folder and songs. Yes, you guessed it right, the iPod Classic, though I wasn’t rick enough to afford it back then, I ended up buying the first iPod touch which was my first apple product.

Never realized back then why were these simple music players were priced high and could never understand what was so special about them? But on using one, the clarity, tonal quality, the crispness of every single track would be at its best, like a free flowing water, simply a treat for the ears.

The above story was a representation towards something which just became more than just a hobby of collecting. Today, when I am writing this blog, I can say this with full confidence, that music has definitely helped in building my personality, has healed me when no one was around, spoke to me, nourished and today has just become a part of me, something I can’t live without. Hope my journey keep continuing and my exploration keeps getting interesting. This page is dedicated some posts around music, my personal thoughts around music, interesting research between music and the human mind and much more.

4;20 – A time & A place

4:20, modified as 4;20, there’s always a time and place for everything. This was my first track with audio by two of my closest friends Martin and Tunui. The idea was incepted one fine evening, we were strolling around with our hommie Jonathan or ‘Jo’ as we would call him. I composed the tune and was after these guys to record the song. Completed the recording session in 3 sittings but finally came out pretty well. I think the feeling of completion after having one track with dressed up vocals just felt a bit accomplished.

80s, 90s music, were they the best ever?

Music, the real healer!!!
Classical music was way ahead of its time!!!

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