Neurorehabilitation – Technology can help us in a good way

Rehabilitation is a natural process of the human body to recover from an injury or a surgery. Neurorehabilitation deals with rehabilitation due to a nerve damage or any injury impacting the nervous system. These injuries include stroke, Coffin-Lowry Syndrome (CLS) and other diseases. Technology has been a major contributor and thanks to the research community to design products like electric wheelchairs, brain implants, non-invasive EEG headsets, sleep trackers, brain computer interfaces and many more.

Research has proven to show these products have benefited individual to a great extent and has helped them manage the rehabilitation process with bit more ease.

Neurorehabilitation devices have gained attention showing positive results with motor disabilities and also help in neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s. One of the interesting products that I personally got a chance to experiment was a brain computer interface (BCI). The device was designed by Emotiv and was called Emotiv Insight. The device in itself has 5 EEG channels each measuring different levels of brain activity. This device helps individuals with motor damage by simply converting their thoughts into actions.

Today, not only are such devices proving to be beneficial in a smaller fashion but also responsible for clinical applications in a wider gamete. Various devices have been designed to cater a wide range of individuals with neurological issues. From helping measure live brain activity using non-invasive technology to deep brain surgery techniques, technology has immensely aided the field of neurorehabilitation and has still got a lot. The market for more personalized devices for neurorehabilitation are currently under the microscope which will soon dominate the market in the coming time.

The market is predicted to grow exponentially by the year 2027 and almost every country is keen on investing billions of dollars behind this technology. [Sources: Business Insider]

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